Having seen the opportunity and the many challenges in Fiji, South Pacific Security Services Limited (SPS Ltd) was established on 16th March, 2004. SPS Ltd is a professional provider of security and protection services in Fiji. At SPS Ltd we pride in our professionalism in dealing with security issues and being the best.

Our mission is to safeguard lives, prevent unauthorized access, maintain order, deter criminal attacks against employees, visitors; and prevent damage to property. We intend to stay committed to benchmarking security standards in Fiji and the Pacific.

We believe that you and your organization could stand to lose a great deal as a result of criminal activities, fire and accidents. The actual loss to your business could be far greater, for example the resulting loss of good-will and valuable time, which could result to a significant loss to profit.Therefore the only effective way to avoid this is to put in place effective and efficient security measures. For this, the South Pacific Security Service Limited has the ability and the capacity to provide.