Question: What services can an Unarmed Guard Provide?


An unarmed guard provides security services in low-risk venues where the primary concern is controlling access, rather than providing protection. In the event of a threat or security problem, unarmed guards can call for backup from law enforcement or armed guards to address the problem. In most regions, people are required to take a short course and apply for a license to work as unarmed guards. Employers may pay for unarmed guard training, or people can pursue training independently and apply for jobs after they are certified.

Unarmed guards do not carry weapons, although they are trained in basic restraint techniques and the use of force in case they need to be able to temporarily restrain someone. They may be stationed at a guard post or they may patrol on foot or in a vehicle, depending on the facility. Depending on the facility, they may be the primary source of security, or they may work in tandem with armed guards and automated security systems.

A classic use for an unarmed guard is as a gatekeeper. When people attempt to enter a facility, the guard stops them, checks identification, and determines why they want to enter. The unarmed guard may also be authorized to conduct searches of both people and vehicles before allowing them to pass through. Unarmed guards can also act as security patrols, looking for anything unusual or abnormal that might indicate a problem.

An unarmed guard may also work accompanying individuals or valuable possessions during travel and other activities. There may be situations where the presence of a guard is necessary, but risks are low, and there is no need to station an armed guard. Unarmed guards can provide personal security as part of a larger security detail as well. They may be stationed on the outer perimeter, with armed guards on the inside in the event that someone gets through. Unarmed guards are also commonly used as security monitors stationed in facilities where cameras and other remote monitoring systems are used, calling for help if a break-in or similar security threat is identified.

Question: Why should you outsource your Security department?


  1. When outsourcing the company tends to save more;
  2. You save on Security Managers Cost.
  3. You save on run around cost.
  4. You Save on Uniform Cost
  5. You save the hassle of looking for a replacement guard when your in-house don’t turn up for the shift.
  6. You save your time and cost for hiring someone to monitor them.

Question: Why should you hire SPSSL?


  1. All clients have access to our management 24-hours a day and 7 days a week (Command Center)
  2. We have 24-hours supervision. The supervisor checks the premises and the security officers randomly at the post site.
  3. 15 min welfare check are done to all our guards on duty
  4. Our Company is bonded and insured.
  5. Guard Tour Reporting System installed upon request.
  6. Upon client request we can provide security vehicle, bicycle to cover large property
  7. If you are not satisfied with an officer assigned to your premises, we can replace the officer immediately
  8. We guarantee our service
  9. Our prices are very competitive in the Market

Question: What Services Can SPSL provide to you.


  1. Static Guard services for residences and commercial properties
  2. Shopping Mall Security Personnel
  3. Construction Sites
  4. Control the Entry & Exit Point
  5. Escort Required
  6. Closed Circuit TV Monitoring
  7. Investigation
  8. Risk Analysis
  9. Loss Prevention
  10. Alarm Monitoring services
  11. Close Protection for VIP’s and Business people
  12. Protection Services at Conventions and Conferences.
  13. Protection Services at Concerts including protection of performing artists.
  14. Rapid Response Team for emergencies
  15. Access & parking lot Control
  16. Mobile Patrol
  17. Alarm Responses
  18. Security Consultancy
  19. Dial-a-Driver