SPS Ltd Patrol division provides 24 hours patrol services to commercial and residential properties. The marked patrol vehicles are operated by uniformed unarmed security patrol team. The following security patrol services are offered :


1. Spot Checks: Spot checks consist of entering your property, patrolling certain specified areas of your property, and performing some specific duties such as lock-up club house, fitness centers, tennis court, business offices, setting burglary alarm, and so on. Many corporate offices and apartment complexes prefer spot check services to control their security budget because the price for drive through patrol is usually very reasonable and low. The drive through spot check will normally last from 10-25 minutes from the time the security guard arrives at your property to the time the guard leaves the area of the checks. Spot check services can be used during the evening hours, weekends or when leaving town.

2. Private Community Patrols: SPS Ltd offers security patrol services to neighborhoods and small communities on a regular basis. Our patrol division will assign uniformed security patrol officers to patrol all properties within the designated community on a permanent basis. This service supplements neighborhood watch schemes.