SPS Ltd recruits its security officers from several areas which include traditional advertising, referrals from employee programs and our own ability to retain quality people. Our employee screening process is quite vigorous and ensures that we only employ quality personnel. Currently SPSS Ltd recruits from different work backgrounds; from police, military and private security experiences.

SPS Ltd also draws expertise from a list of consultants who have had experience working in security details in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

We thoroughly investigate all our employees where their files are examined by a registered third party if required. We maintain an excellent employee relations policy and ensure all our employees are secured and well looked after. This minimizes the rise of tempting situations.

All our frontline employees are well equipped with side-handle retraceable truncheons, mag-lite torches for protection, two-way radio to stay in contact and be of immediate assistance when the need arises.

Guards go through a stringent selection process which includes police screening. Those selected, undergo a five days intensive Basic Security Officers Training. The Program includes Discipline, General Orders and Procedures, Guards Duties and Responsibility, Basic civil and criminal laws, R/T Communication procedures, Observation and Report Writing, Quality Customer Services, Occupation Health and Safety, First Aid, Fire Safety, Drill and Self Defense. Our Training Manager, Mr. I. Tagicaki, is a TPAF approved trainer. To strengthen its professional status in Fiji. SPS Ltd has taken out a $2 million public liability insurance cover in Fiji and a workers compensation insurance cover